The best way to understand project management is to start with PRINCE2 Foundation. Apart from PRINCE2 being widely recognised; it is flexible and affluent to learn. Our experienced tutors will make the whole learning outlook easy going and friendly by introducing topics, learning outcomes and criteria in simplified stages.
  • Why project is important
  • PRINCE2 7 Processes. A set of activities, products and responsibilities. A process is a series of steps, actions and decisions in order to achieve something.
  • PRINCE2 7 Principles. These are good project management practices.
  • PRINCE2 7 Themes. Themes are areas that needs to be continually addressed in order to achieve our goal.
The aim of this training is help delegates advance knowledge to work effectively in organisations. Projects are the way organisations make changes in business as usual (operations) in order to create business value. Projects are abour change; a new product or new features to an existing product. Projects apply to each business field; hence PRINCE2 project management applies to every organisation (public, private and non-profit). To maximise training that incorporates diverse business enterprises, we promote the use of practical methods using real world/work place problems and situations to demonstrate PRINCE2 theoretical understanding and practical application.
PRINCE2 Course Outline
Advanced PRINCE2 (Practitioner Level) still is based on Processes, Principles and Theme. However; focuses on in-depth practical knowledge on managing and implementing projects. This is supported by use of case studies.
6 Week-Online Training (for each module) 1 day per week for 3 hours (17:30- 20:30) and special offer fee is £150.00 GBP including attendance Certificate

Data Analytics

Most sought out skills that help businesses grow and succeed include: Project Management Excel | Data Analytics | SQL | PowerBI. On top of all this, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, VLOOKUP are the most powerful tools in Excel. The power of SQL, cloud computing, visualisation, and big data, are continually reshaping existing and emerging technologies. Those that play a role in deriving insights and business results from using these technologies range from Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists….. The interesting thing is, you can be part of this.
Cloud Computing | Analyzing Data with Excel | Data Science | Power BI | Introduction to SQL | Project (Coursework)
Python Programming for Data Science | R Data Analysis Fundamentals


Critical shift in perspective - why senior executives and other personnel should learn how to use Excel spreadsheets software. Excel is a tool used by every senior manager to analyse data. You might be extremely busy and have other skills; but when it comes to Excel, think again. Having Excel skills at your fingertips to understand trends, patterns, organise priorities is a major problem-solving skill. Excel is a common thread that connects almost all industries. Unfortunately, Excel is an asset that most senior managers do not have. Ultimately, Excel is not going anywhere; at least, not anytime soon. Businesses will continue to use Excel as their primary tool for diverse functions and applications.
Level 1 Excel Core Fundamentals  |   Level 2 Excel Data Management  |   Level 3 Excel Data Analysis

SCRUM Development

Agile Project and SCRUM Development are very similar; only that SCRUM framework is much easier and more popular. This course is divided into two main sections; Agile Concepts and SCRUM Practical Implementation. In Agile Concepts, we review predictive (Waterfall) vs Adaptive (Agile) approaches, discuss when to use Agile, the Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles and practical adaptive development aspects. .......
SCRUM Development Outline

Microsoft Project

To understand project management; you need to learn PRINCE2 first; nothing else. Microsoft Project focuses on how to manage and control the resource pool need on a project (people, equipment, materials etc.). A project has quite a number of resources, hence it is impossible to manually manage them. This is where Microsoft Project computer software program comes in. To be able to meet project deadlines, budgets and resources; Microsoft Project is used: .......
Microsoft Project Outline

Agile Project

There are two project management approaches; Predictive and Adaptive. In predictive, there is detailed upfront planning because project team has a full understanding of product to be produced i.e. building a bridge. This comprehensive documentation is used to produce the required product. However, in adaptive; there is no clarity on product to be produced; i.e. software, hence it is not possible to have detailed upfront planning. .......
Agile Project Course Outline

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is a project management technique which uses the project life cycle to strengthen project planning and implementation to enhance stakeholder engagement. M&E strategy outlines the evaluation of project milestones, methodology/framework, monitoring outputs, outcomes and impacts. The M&E plan details project objectives and implementation procedures. At the heart of M&E system are tools, techniques and models .......
Monitoring & Evaluation Course Outline


Project Management Tools

Projects have fixed timeframes. To achieve this, a project manager needs tools planning tools and techniques to help analyse, develop ideas, communicate, implement, measure and review progress. A Project Manager is like a ship's captain responsible for both voyage, vessel and cargo aspects. Projects are complicated; so too are human beings; hence stakeholders and project team bring more complexity to the project. ......
Project Management Tools Course Outline

Project Management for Development Organisations (NGOs)

Projects in Development Organisations (NGOs) are slightly different from IT development and management processes in main stream organisations. This is mainly because in most cases, donors require monitoring and evaluation. The purpose of this course is to introduce Project Management using examples focused purely in Development Organisation projects. .....
Project Management Tools Course Outline


London Capital Computer College regularly hold workshops on project management. The purpose is to help delegates choose training courses suitable for their current roles or gain new skills for future career opportunities. These 2 hour workshops are held online or in-person. In today's workforce, "job for life mantra" rarely holds, and everyone is on the move. .....
Project Management Workshop
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