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As the pace of change caused by technology, business regulations and social issues increases; consequences for failing to adapt becomes more evident. Projects are the means by which we introduce change and Project Management training enable organisations to plan, deliver and implement good practices to minimise risk.

PM / Data Analytics


Project Management

Projects are crucial in both entrepreneurship and corporate business environment team based business structures; providing accurate, timely and relevant information essential for decision-making process and meeting customer requirements. Project Management components ranging from business case, quality, risk and strategic management complement each other, providing a competitive advantage in an otherwise challenging business environment.

How does a project start?

Someone somewhere has an idea. This idea is a trigger for a project; which becomes the means by which we introduce change. center>

Data Analytics

Big Data is here to stay. Get the new skills to enhance data manipulation. Excel is used everywhere; in any field or profession. Our training focus is not only on key goals of using Excel; but SQL and PowerBI as well. Data visualisations are very, very powerful way of drawing meaning from our data and communicating about our data. SQL, PowerBI and Excel combined - these skills never be over emphasized enough!.
Cloud Computing | Analyzing Data with Excel | Data Science | Power BI | Introduction to SQL | Project (Coursework)

Programme Information

Career Options

Key challenges for businesses today is to succeed in balancing two parallel competing imperatives:
• Maintaining business operations (business as usual) – service quality, customer relationships, brand loyalty, profitability, market confidence, productivity.
• Implementing business changes (transforming business operations) – in order to survive and compete in future.

Projects are the means we introduce business change and change is inevitable!

With project management skills, one can work in any industry; be it IT, Aerospace, Construction, Agriculture, Health, Telecommunication, Finance, Transport, Education etc.

This training is suitable for Administrators, Supervisors, Accountants, Managers, Senior Executives etc. or those intending to qualify as Project Managers

Entry Requirements

Project Management is a profession recognised worldwide. Anyone keen to advance their career can register. All you need is vision to recognise opportunity, determination and creativity; London Capital Computer College will give you technical knowledge over 5 days or 4 week period.

Training Information

Our Project Management programmes can be undertaken as 5-day corporate training (Mon – Fri) or Part-time tutorials; 2 hours (5:30pm – 7:30pm) for two evening per week for 4 weeks. All our trainings are tutor led.

❶Intensive 5 day training (Mon-Fri) or 2-evenings per week (5:30pm-7:30pm)
❷Each delegate receives training material.
❸5% discount (i) if individuals register for 2 or more courses at the same time (ii) 5 or more delegates from the same company registering for the same course.

Studying at London Capital Computer College

A good qualification can change your life – choose your Project Management, Computing or Business career and keep learning.

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All our courses are tutor-led

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Our delegates come from all over the world.

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Accessible Central London training location.

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• 5-day (Mon-Friday) Or
• 2-Evenings per week for 6 weeks