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Corporate Training Registration Terms and Conditions

Corporate Training Courses Registration Terms and Conditions

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1 Places are reserved on first come first service basis. Payment should be received by London Capital Computer College (LCCC) 40 working days prior to training datefor International and 4 weeks (20 days) for UK/local delegates, else LCCC will move the chosen training date(s) to the next available as this enables London Capital Computer College to prepare training folders, make arrangements for suitable trainers; including all necessary training equipment.

2 There are no refunds. Failure to attend on the training date(s) chosen, mean funds will be forfeited.

3 International Electronic Bank transfers should cover UK bank charges, else delegate(s) will not be allowed to attend (confirmation letter will not be sent until full amount is received).

4 The training fee is charged per person per subject. The training fee does not cover any other personal expenses such as accommodation, food, transport etc. The fee quoted is purely for training.
5 LCCC provides all necessary training equipment; delegate training materials and related technology e.g. overhead projectors. We expect delegates to have laptops for modules that require computing ; like Microsoft Project, Excel etc.; however, necessary software will be provided.

6 Daily training time-table is from 9:30 to 4pm (for UK/local training) and 8.30am to 4pm (for training outside UK) with 10-15 minute breaks and 1-hour lunch (1pm-2pm). Tea breaks and lunc provided for all trainings held at hotels.

7 Only delegates who complete each day session will receive a Certificate or Diploma of attendance.
Certificate: Delegates who register, pay and attend individual subjects/modules receive a Certificate.
Diploma: Delegates who register, pay and attend all subjects/modules in a qualification program receive a Diploma or Advanced Diploma. [Except for those attending Certificate level courses]
The qualification program is the title of the overall program e.g. Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Programming, Diploma in Accounting & Finance, Diploma in Web Design, Diploma in Project Management etc. For example, Diploma in Information Technology (course code 103) has 5 subjects (see the Information Technology dates schedule). If a delegate registers for lets say Excel and Access; will receive a Certificate specifying the two subjects. However, if a delegate registers for all 5 subjects, will receive a Diploma. Those who attend Business Seminars or Network Solutions Workshops will receive a Certificate of attendance.

8 Mobile phones must be switched off or put on silent during training sessions. The trainer has the right to suspend those who disturb training sessions.

9 Delegates who require visas to venue countries should give ample time to apply. Take note some countries do not give visas on arrival. It is also the delegate’s responsibility to check health certificate requirements, for example yellow fever vaccination.

10 Delegates should make sure they have sufficient funds for their welfare including return tickets.

11 London Capital Computer College reserves the right to change/postpone training dates if there are not enough delegate numbers for any scheduled training. The quoted full training fees per person are:
·         1 day course (£120 or US$240)
·         2 day courses (£240 or US$480)
·         3 day courses (£360 or US$720)
·         5 day courses (£550 or US$1,100)

12 All delegate training materials are printed in black and white and can only be given in hardcopy.

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